Organic Farm

Natura Iblea is our organic farm. As never before is it important to pay attention to the environment and consequently to what we eat: for this reason we use healthy cultivation techniques.

Our production extends for about 120 hectares of land between greenhouses and open field and we use a photovoltaic system to supply ourselves the necessary electrical energy.

We produce different BIO products: jams, honey, olive oil, Nero d'Avola and Moscato di Noto DOC and prepared food. You may taste all products at our restaurant "La Moresca"

Here are the delicatessen Nature Iblea:

# Jams citrus of Sicily with brown sugar
# Honeys of Sicily with the exclusive famous honey carubbo
# Oregano to branch and crumbled
# Oil extra virgin olive cultivars Moorish
# Conserve typical Sicilian
# Tomatoes dried in the sun of Sicily

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