Holy Week in Ispica

Holy week (17 -21 April 2019)

Holy week is one of the most important event in Ispica,
a mixed of faith, tradition and folklore.
All processions and sacred representaions give away emotions and spirituality.
The two most important appointments are for Thursday Holy and Good Friday.
These days are dedicated to the veneration of the simulacra of Christ at the column and of Christ with the cross on his shoulders.

Holy Thursday

The liturgy that began during night, with Via Cruscis, and it continues throughout the day.
In the afternoon begins the procession that will meet the Sorrowful with  Patri in Culonna.
One of the most important moment of the procession is the rite of “ U ‘ncuintru” in which the grieving Mother bows three times before the son.
Around midnight, the devotees head towards Santa Maria Maggiore church, where they will bring the statue and give their last greeting.

Good Friday – Christ at cross
Good Friday is the day of the nunciators and their Christ on the cross.
This procession starts from the BAsilica of SS. Annunziata and it's preceded from roman soldiers on horseback.
Even on Good Friday, the Christ at the cross meets the sorrowful of his faithful
Around midnight Christ at the cross back to the church in his altar.
Easter Sunday “U ‘ncuontru” is the last day of celebration of the long holy week.
This procession will bring together the statues of Risen Jesus and the Madonna. This meeting takes place under the sound of bells, fireworks and  it’s, of course, the most important moment of the week.

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